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「 mo ★ mo 」’
30 May 2007 @ 04:55 pm

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GANBARE! / I believe can i fly~ *sings lamely*

2. Tomorrow~ MY ENGLISHS' FINAL! DD:
Wait! Wait! WAIT!!! I am proud to say...
I FINISHED STUDYING AND REVISING for the literature things. Yipi-Yipi-Ya-ya~! <3
Anyways, I'm tired of reading so... I'll do a REAL update sometime tomorrow maybe.

1. Because I was such in a creative mode last night I made some profile layouts yipi-yay-yay!
I have on 3at_milk, but no full preview... Sorry maybe I feel like putting the link up I'll...     s;o_o)s


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「 mo ★ mo 」’
26 May 2007 @ 07:06 pm

Okay.. Okay... OKAY!!
(I'm a day late, what?)

Ok. Because I'm lame and such a softy I'm going to start making some essays about my friends that
 I've known since
highschool and beyond, sorry LJ folks. You don't count.

I'm going to go in random order :P

YIKES!!! So, I'm done being soggy and soft (I kinda love that side of me, hehhehehee)
I have to say that tomorrow's going to be my last day of lecture. Yay but this means I'll be heavenly studying in preparation for the finals. I pray I get good marks, B's are nice. :)

PEOPLE!!! Does anyone have mp3 of Tegomass's new song Kiss~Kearimichi no Love Story~ and NewS Hoshi wo Mezashite? PLEASE!!!! I-NEED-SOME-POP-DOOOOPE~!

Going to make this entry public for 3 days just for my friends to read :3
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「 mo ★ mo 」’

Barkada~! ともだち~! صديق~!

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