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2 October
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「。。。OFFline? ! 」

real name is Thuraya Lynn, she bids bad luck to those who merg her name and make
it into Thuryalynn. It's not funny. She is 3 years old and and a Libra born in Kuwait, and is currently residing in Kuwait. She is half Filipina and half Kuwaitia and 100% Asian.

She is currently a Freshman at Kuwait University - Faculty of Arts. She's planning on double-majoring in English and Mass Communication.
She spends her free time day dreaming, watching music videos, playing with her stuffed animals, reading general information and making pixels.

「。。。Personality___? ! 」

Mo*Mo travels to Fantasy Land by day and hunts at MUUMUU land by night where she spends most of her time dreaming of what could be and what would be. She loves to work on creative things but sometimes loses the ambition to finish it.
At her best, she's faithful, she's respectful to her elders, understanding, very open minded, patient and humble.
At her worst she is self-destructive, depressed with a smile, stubborn, lazy, naive and a cry-baby.

What else? It's rare for me to
finish something, I love attention though I don't seek it. I'm a hopeless
romantic, my blood type is O and I'm 45 kg (99 lbs).

「。。。random TRIVIA___? ! 」

1 She has over 250 stuffed animals, and counting.
2 She loves spring colors but loves Winter.
3 She has poor vision, dry skin, bad and damaged hair and hates being short and fat.
4 She loves and believes in God.
5 She hates politics and sees it as the human race try to become superior.
6 Her favorite cuisines are of Asians. Particularly those of Philippines, Japan, Korea and China. She absolutely hates anything fried or anything from a fast food restaurant. She can be picky sometimes, she cannot drink soft drinks as they melt her kidney functions so she sticks to good ol' water and other natural beverages. She hates raw tomatoes too.

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