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「 mo ★ mo 」’
18 August 2007 @ 09:26 am
I posted something hear... Sth about Arashi. NOT SUPPOSSED TO POST IT HERRREEEEE~~!!!!

I'M SERIOUSLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Bet you thought it was weird no... .__.

*hides behind the curtains* You didn't see me. You didn't see me.
It was supposed to be on my new account, I'm not going say the account unless you want to know what it is... (comment are screened so~)
Probably no one will add me... T_T
If... IF you want to know, just comment and ill give you : DD;;;

「 mo ★ mo 」’
17 August 2007 @ 05:15 pm
Arashi roleplaying models
Baby Ohno-chan doesn't listen to Sho-kun
Sho: What's so casual about that? 」 

Matsumoto-kun thinks it's weird to buy magazine with the members in it.
Aiba-chan drinking Sho-kun's water by mistake. 

Aiba: "Oh! Sorry Sho-chan, I drank your water.
   Sho: This is mine!
   Aiba: I mistook the "S" for "A"
   Sho: How in the world can you mistake those two?

Sho and Nino talk about tanabata* and writing down their wishes.
Nino remembers when they were younger; they'd wish that they could use
Sho wished that Ohno-kun would wear a shirt with a star in the center.
Ohno hears this.
He was in the dressing room or something.
He goes back inside.
During this time, Aiba, Jun and Ohno were in the dressing room and when they returned Sho and Nino went to change

Jun fell into the ocean during MagoMago, ate shaving ice.
Aiba wowing at this. Aiba amazed by the stars on Ninomiya's pant. Aiba laughing at Sho who has only 3 stars on his pants. Sho shouting "Shut up!" At him.

Aiba: That's how little stardom you have.


Sho stated that when he yelled CHESTO during AAA he asked the the staff to cut that part.
But Rida, being the RIIIIDA that he is, told Sho that it's "very" Arashi-like.

(I'm confused with this CHESTO thingie... Did he mean, the game or.. His chest? His... Chest.... *DIES*)
♪: 嵐 - LIFE
「 mo ★ mo 」’
23 June 2007 @ 03:09 pm

ON HIATUS! Sorry. :3
I'll try to post comments in your journal~~~!!!